Saturday, March 29, 2014

New Faces at Flex

Last summer Flex opened its first physical office in Richland, Washington.  Intended primarily to house our engineering and software development efforts, our decision to open it up to the local tech community for coworking and speaking events has brought us into contact with some amazing local people we wouldn't have known about otherwise.

Here's a rundown of some people that have recently joined our team.

Erik Ralston

Late last year we hired Erik Ralston and since then he's been working full time on our IOS applications, both for the iPhone and the iPad.  He'll be at Infocomm in just a few months to unveil what we have so far.

Maria Barker

With four full time developers cranking out code and with IOS apps and Label Ninja on the way, we felt it was high time we gave Courtney a little help with QA.  To fill this role, we hired Maria Barker, whose accounting background has made it possible to have an accounting specialist testing our financial module and accounting system integration.  She's also taken over as Controller and has whipped our books into shape in short order.

Becca Lingley

Our number one problem right now is coping with and managing growth.  We need to formalize some of our processes, increase consistency of the customer experience, and just step our game up in general.  After consulting with us for a few months, we decided to bring Becca on permanently as Director of Operations.  She brings a deep business background to the table with an MBA under her belt and just a dissertation away from a PhD.  We need to get better at everything we do while managing a high level of growth and it will be Becca's job to help guide us through that.

Branden Rosenlof

A long running complaint of Flex customers is the lack of documentation  It's a perfectly legitimate complaint and we've finally done something about it by bringing on a dedicated Technical Writer.  Branden has already done a great job on our Starter Kit and is currently working on a full documentation set for Flex.  He'll also be heavily involved over the next few months as Flex revamps and improves our training offerings.

Coping With Growth

We've brought on all these new faces because we still have a lot of unfinished business and plenty of challenges that come with growth.  We need to improve the quality and consistency of everything from the software itself to the sales process to training and support.  We also need to prepare ourselves for the next wave of hiring and ensure that we're ready to bring new people on and get them up to speed quickly when they arrive.

We're also updating our web site for Infocomm, launching IOS applications and working on a ground breaking barcode label design and printing solution, Label Ninja.  To that add multi-session event support, in system credit card processing, recurring billing, major improvements to Quickbooks integration, a new high availability fault tolerant architecture - and most of all, making Flex fast.

We'll publish a formal roadmap in the next few months so customers can keep tabs on exactly what we're working on and when, but the take away is that we have a lot left to do and are staffing up to do it.


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