Friday, January 20, 2017

We are hiring Full Stack Engineers!

We are hiring full stack engineers to help us build out the new Flex 5 platform! The job description is posted below. While the job description states we are seeking candidates that are close enough to Carlisle, PA to commute to the office once a week, we will consider candidates from anywhere in the United States if you have industry experience (e.g. you have used Flex software, worked in the AV industry, etc).

If you are interested or know somebody that is, please go to our job post at Indeed and apply asap!

Regarding Flex 5 development, we are planning to start a blogging series soon to flush out all the exciting things we have been doing with Flex 5 over the last while! Stay tuned!


Job Description

We are looking for developers to join our growing engineering team.
We are looking for developers to help build out our exciting next generation SaaS platform. Our engineering office is located in Carlisle, PA. We are looking for local or semi remote candidates with the ability to commute to Carlisle once a week.

Our developers work up and down the stack. We have developers that prefer backend or frontend development. We think it’s awesome to have a forte, however, all of our developers are expected to be able to work anywhere in the stack to get things done.

We integrate our code regularly and ship often. We believe in short incremental development cycles so we expect our developers to be committing code at least daily. Our next generation platform is being driven by automated tests and a continuous deployment philosophy. We expect developers to work autonomously, and want candidates with an ability to identify, communicate, and solve problems.

Skills & Requirements

You are fluent with the JVM ecosystem. You will write code in Groovy, Java, JavaScript, & SQL but you are open minded about other languages & ecosystems. You know something about ORM’s such as Hibernate and the tricky tradeoffs that come along with them. It is normal for you to not use the ORM for everything and write pure SQL for complex queries. You know something about Spring Boot and have coded on Spring applications before.

You are an avid unit tester. You already practice test driven development, primarily with unit tests. It is normal for you to commit code with accompanying unit tests. You are able to articulate principles of unit testing to other team members.

You view yourself as a software craftsman. You are constantly improving your craft and know how to stay relevant in the changing technology landscape. You embrace failure as a learning opportunity. You love collaboration and transparency. You look for simple solutions to complex problems.

You are self motivated. At Flex, we won’t tell you when to work. We just expect that you’ll love coding and will naturally have a bias towards getting things done.

You value agile & lean development. At Flex, we don’t subscribe to dogmatic views on agile processes. We happen to use some elements of Scrum but really we just value fast feedback, collaboration, quick iterations, test driven development, continuous integration & deployment.

About Flex Rental Solutions

Our team of dedicated engineers develops rental and event management software for over 600 business customers from all over the world. Our customers are primarily within the Professional Audio Visual, Concert Touring, Live Event, Staging, and Production market segments. Flex offers a flexible and dynamic work environment, opportunity to work on interesting projects and technical challenges, paid company holidays, paid vacation, and health, dental, and vision insurance, along with other benefits.

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